Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Sister's Mutation

It has been happening slowly, subtle at first, then picking up speed. A gradual mutation from one entity into another. My persona has twisted and I have morphed into.....a mother!

No, I am not really a mom, I'm still a little too young for that (in my opinion anyways), but I have been acting like one more and more. I'm kinda tired tonight, so I'll keep the explanation quick. You see, this summer has been different than any of my other summers. Usually I head down to the Florida heat and bugs during the summer to visit my family down there, however, this year I decided to stay in Virginia. My Mom is working this summer for the first time in around fifteen years, and she desperately needed someone to watch the kids in the mornings. This is where yours truly comes in.

I figured, hey, they're just my siblings and my mom is willing to pay me, not much, but any additional income is welcome (college kid remember), so I can watch them in the mornings and work in the afternoon. Little did I know that I would be giving up my identity. I no longer feel like their big sister, I feel like their mom. I wake up and cook them breakfast, spend several hours doing various activities with my brother (My sister is withdrawn. It''s a phase.), cleaning the house, and cooking them lunch. I am also the one who has all of my siblings friends and parents phone numbers to contact them by. I am the one talking to all of the parents, setting things up, getting to know them, and making sure it is okay for my siblings to come over.

My mom comes home, I go to work, and when I get back the kids are usually still awake. So I then proceed to read my brother his bedtime story and say his prayers with him. After that I
go and talk to my sister and watch TV with her for a while, before she crashes and I do this blog. Do I sound more like a sister or a mom? I feel more like a mom. -sigh- Oh well, at least I'm getting in practice. So much for keeping it quick, huh?

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bloody Mary

There is a legend which every child has heard. It strikes fear into the hearts of many, and nightmares are inevitable. It is the legend of Bloody Mary.

I'm pretty sure you already know how the tale goes, but let me give you a brief recap, just in case. A woman named Mary was murdered somehow, the legends all vary on the method, but it is always a brutal murder. Now they say if you go into the bathroom, turn off the lights, and say Bloody Mary three times (sometimes while spinning), Mary will appear in the mirror and scratch your eyes out!

Now, most of us human beings of average intelligence or more pretty much agree that going into a bathroom and chanting some woman's name three times, isn't going to do much. If your spinning, you might make yourself dizzy, but that's about it. Try telling that to my sister.

My little sis has a friend sleepover last night, and about midnight it starting storming. I mean thunder, lightening, wind the whole nine yards, so they decided to tell ghost stories. Well, one thing led to another and we ended watching a creepy Supernatural (TV series) episode called Bloody Mary. Which is obviously about the legend of Bloody Mary. Anyways, we watched that, it spooked my sister a little (so I thought) and we went to bed. Today, my sis and her friend decided to say Bloody Mary three times in the bathroom with the lights off. Smart move after scary yourselves senseless the night before, right?

Since then my sister has been taking paranoid to a whole new level. She refuses to be in a room with the door closed alone, lights on or not. She jumps at the slightest sounds and is convinced she keeps seeing/hearing people outside our doors. Of course, my brother and I aren't helping the matter, but come on, she is making it way to easy for us not to antagonize her. Even our Mom pulled a joke on her. It is just that easy. Hopefully she'll mellow soon, because she is not getting in bed with me tonight. She is a cover thief. Till next time.

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